Volunteering in Tanzania

As the home to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, unbelievable wildlife in Serengeti National Park, and the stunning beaches of Zanzibar; Tanzania is a dream destination for adventurous travelers.  With a stable government, strong tourism industry, and improvements in education and healthcare, this East African nation is on the rise.  However, as a large country, the positive effects of this progress hasn’t reached everyone.  HIV & AIDS are a significant problem for Tanzanians, as are poverty and lack of education.  Volunteers joining projects in Tanzania have an incredible opportunity to help provide support to these communities in need while experiencing all of the incredible aspects of this beautiful country.

GOAT Volunteers Volunteering in Tanzania

Fast Facts on Tanzania

Capital City: Dodoma

  • The former capital (and largest city) Dar es Salaam is still home to most government offices

Currency: Tanzanian shilling

  • Find your currency’s exchange rate here

Languages: The national language of Tanzania is Swahili

  • English is taught in secondary education and is used somewhat frequently

Population (2016 estimate): 54 million

  • About the same as Australia and Nepal combined

Size:  365,756 square miles or 947,303 square kilometers

  • About the same as Spain and Sweden combined

2018 Global Peace Index Ranking: 51 out of 163 nations (High)

  • For comparison: USA (121 – Medium), Canada (6 – Very High), United Kingdom (57 – High)


Our NGO partner in Tanzania was established in 2013 with the goal improving the quality of life of high vulnerable women and children at a grassroots level.  However, their project offerings have grown to support a wide array of noble causes in terms of women’s empowerment, education, community development, conservation, and health care.  Through these projects, they’re striving to create a better future for the children of their communities by improving their lives today.

Projects are located in Moshi (near Kilimanjaro), Tanga, and just outside Serengeti National Park.  These locations were chosen because they represent the crossroads of current poverty and future opportunities.



Wildlife Conservation

Our local partner’s vision is a world in which people and wildlife live together sustainably.  Tanzania is one of the most incredible places on Earth in terms of wildlife.  Per Wikipedia, “Wildlife resources of Tanzania are described as “without parallel in Africa” and “the prime game viewing country”.”  This is evident in that nearly 40% of the country’s total area is reserved for national parks, game reserves, and conservation areas.

Wildlife Conservation


Environmental Conservation

When an overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists agree that climate change is negatively affecting the planet; environmental conservation should be at the top of our “To Do” lists.  And that’s exactly what this project is all about! Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti are major tourist destinations in Tanzania.  While tourism is great for a local economy, it tends to reek havoc on the local environment.  The Environmental Conservation Volunteering in Tanzania project strives to stop environmental destruction and raise conservation awareness in these regions.

Environmental Conservation


Soccer Coaching

Volunteers can change the lives of disadvantaged children through sports coaching and helping out in their local communities. This project will change your life as you inspire young children through  Africa’s most common sporting activity: football (soccer).  Volunteer Soccer Coaching in Tanzania gives you the chance to impart your expertise in conditioning, skills development, and game play.

Soccer Coaching


Youth Development

Children are our future and it’s important that they’re given every opportunity to succeed in life.  Those kids who grow up in developing countries often lack access to extra-curricular activities to help promote their growth and development.  The Youth Development Volunteering in Tanzania project aims to combat that by providing children, teens, and young adults with the support they need to grow up and determine their own futures.

Youth Development



It’s said that the most important thing you can give to a child is your time.  That’s especially true for underprivileged children.  Volunteering in Tanzania at a school is one of the best ways to experience local culture and make a significant impact in a short time.  Even if you’ve never taught before, this project provides the perfect opportunity to help improve a child’s life and education.



Health Care

If you’re a credentialed health care / medical professional interested in sharing your skills and experiencing health care in a developing country, this project is for you.  Health care volunteers in Tanzania have the opportunity to work in hospitals and clinics while performing an array of duties based on local needs, volunteer qualifications, and doctor/nurse directions.

Health Care


HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support

The HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support project aims to provide sexual and reproductive health education to citizens in Tanzania.  In 2009, Unicef estimated that about 1.5 million Tanzanians of all ages were living with HIV/AIDS.  Volunteers are urgently needed to educate Tanzanians on the causes, effects and prevention of HIV/AIDS and to provide support to those who are already infected.

No specific qualifications or prior experiences are required to volunteer in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Tanzania. However, you should have a passion for helping others, a genuine interest in disease prevention, patience, and compassion. You should also be flexible and have the desire to learn and serve people of a new culture and religion.

HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support


Community Development (Agriculture)

Do you have experience in sustainability, agriculture, entrepreneurship, or development?  If so, our Community Development – Agriculture project needs your help!  Farmers in Tanzania face food security challenges and need help to best utilize their available resources, expand their knowledge base, and improve their financial situations.




Calling all engineers, builders, craftsmen/women, trades workers, and anyone not afraid of a hard day’s work!  Communities revolve around people, but those people require strong buildings and structures to facilitate various activities to pursue development.  If you don’t mind working with your hands and getting a little dirty, come help build a something local Tanzanians can be proud of.

Community Development (Construction)


Small Business Development

Are you interested in supporting grassroots enterprises in a developing country?  Do you have a business background and an interest in travel and tourism?  If so, the Community Development – Small Business Development project could be a perfect fit!  With such close proximity to the Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro, there are few places in the world as ripe for adventure & safari small business opportunities.  The locals have plenty of local knowledge, but they need guidance from a business perspective.

Small Business Development


Women’s Empowerment

The Women’s Empowerment project in Tanzania aims to give women the education and skills to lift themselves out of poverty and pursue a brighter future.  Many of the women are widows, victims fleeing domestic abuse, or single mothers struggling to support themselves.  This program provides education, vocational training, financial support, and business consulting.  Female volunteers with business, finance, banking, or accounting backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply!

Women’s Empowerment


Women’s Empowerment (Computer Education)

Can you remember your life before computers? Unless you’re over 40, probably not. The concept of not having at least one laptop or desktop in your home is probably foreign to you. In rural villages in Africa, that’s not the case. Having a computer is a luxury. Most people aren’t exposed to computers until later in life. The Women’s Empowerment (Computer Education) Volunteering in Tanzania project gives you the opportunity to open the door to using computers to a group of women who have had little to no exposure to them previously.

Women’s Empowerment (Computer Education)


Elder Care

Volunteers who participate in Elder Care Volunteering in Tanzania will have one of the most heart-warming experiences of their lives. Many older citizens spend their days without anyone to talk to and find themselves very lonely. By spending time with those less fortunate elders, you’re able to brighten the days of these wonderful individuals. You’re almost guaranteed to leave with an over abundance of smiles each day as well!

Elder Care


Project Fees

1 week$250
2 weeks$350
Additional weeks (each)$150
Prices for projects in Tanzania are in US Dollars; please check the current exchange rate for costs in your local currency (www.xe.com).

Included: Airport arrival transport • Orientation on arrival • Shared accommodation in the volunteer hostel / home-stay • 3 meals per day • 24/7 local staff support • Project Donation

NOT Included: Flights • Visas • Vaccinations • Travel insurance • Local transport • Return airport transfer • Personal expenses • Bank/wire transfer fees • WiFi / Internet access


All projects incur a $250 application fee.  Please see the The Fine Print page for more information.



The climate of Tanzania is as varied as the differing landscapes of this exciting country.  Temperatures and rainfall will vary greatly depending on whether you’re based in Moshi (Kilimanjaro), Tanga, or the Serengeti.


Dry Season: January & February and June to October

Wet Seasons: March & April and November & December

Hottest Month: February | average highs of 82° F (28° C)

Coolest Month: July | average lows hovering around 52° F (11° C)



Dry Season: December to February and June to September

Wet Seasons: March to May and October to November

Hottest Month: February | average highs of 90° F (32° C)

Coolest Month: September | average lows hovering around 68° F (20° C)



Dry Season: June to October

Wet Seasons: November to May

Hottest Month: October | average highs of 84° F (29° C)

Coolest Month: July | average lows hovering around 79° F (26° C)


Special Considerations | Volunteering in Tanzania

Developing Country

Please keep in mind that Tanzania is a developing country.  That means that infrastructure, amenities, and sustenance will likely differ from what you’re accustomed to.

The tap water is not drinkable, but purified water is provided.


With Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti in your backyard, volunteering in Tanzania offers some of the most incredible nature-based activities in the world.  All activities are optional as they may incur added costs to the volunteer.

Keep in mind, that all of these activities carry with them the potential for risk, so participating in them is solely at the discretion of the volunteer.

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