Helping from Home

The primary purpose of GOAT Volunteers is to make a difference on the projects we support.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or financial ability to volunteer abroad.  That shouldn’t stop altruistic individuals from helping our NGO partners and the communities and environment they support.  Here are 3 ways to help without leaving home!


GOAT Ambassadors

The role of a GOAT Ambassador is just that, to serve as an ambassador for this small agency.  The purpose behind this is to increase the visibility of GOAT Volunteers, thus improving the potential to place more volunteers from around the world.  Volunteers and friends/family are invited to join GOAT as an ambassador to help the recruiting process.  Ambassadors are asked to help by:

  1. Sharing GOAT Volunteers posts on social media to increase GOAT’s reach
  2. Using word of mouth to encourage friends/family/colleagues to volunteer or collaborate with GOAT
  3. If you’re a student (or alumnus), approaching your school or university’s career services department to partner with GOAT Volunteers to encourage volunteering abroad – see the Partnerships page for more details on what we’re looking for in a university/school partnership

GOAT Ambassadors, once confirmed, will be issued a personal “referral code” to add to social media shares/posts and other referrals.  When a volunteer submits their application fee to GOAT Volunteers with your referral code, they’ll receive a $25 referral discount on their application fee and the GOAT Ambassador will receive compensation as well!



Fundraising often gets a bad rap because funds are often used to cover expensive corporate overhead or benefit large charities that the donors can’t personally relate to.  That’s not the case with GOAT Volunteers.  Our focus is on no-overhead campaigns benefiting the small organizations we volunteer with.  That means every single dollar donated goes to the project you’re raising money for.



In order to avoid taking business away from local businesses in our partner countries, GOAT Volunteers suggests fundraising and purchasing supplies locally.

For more information on donations, fundraising, and the GOAT Ambassadors program, please submit your inquiry via the Contact Us page.