Health Care Volunteering Projects

If you’re a health care professional or medical student, health care volunteering abroad can provide you with a unique perspective on your profession.  Developing countries often lack the resources of more developed countries, so experiencing how they provide care is interesting and educational.

Health Care

Health Care projects are located in hospitals, local clinics, or within rural communities depending on location.


HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support

HIV & AIDS is very prevalent in Africa and many communities lack the resources to educate the public about the dangers of the disease.  By joining one of these projects, you’re helping people learn how to protect themselves and supporting those who have contracted the virus.


Unique Projects

Our specialized health care projects allow individuals focused on midwifery or physiotherapy/Physical Therapy to experience the work of their counterparts in a developing country.



If you’re a college/university student majoring in health care that requires an internship, GOAT Volunteers offers several options to help fulfill your educational requirements.