Volunteer Teaching in Ghana

It’s said that the most important thing you can give to a child is your time.  That’s especially true for underprivileged children.  Volunteer teaching in Ghana is one of the best ways to experience local culture and make a significant impact in a short time.  Even if you’ve never taught before, this project provides the perfect opportunity to help improve a child’s life and education.

Volunteer Teaching in Ghana 

The Ghana teaching project provides volunteer teaching support to a small, underprivileged children’s center in the Labadi-area of Accra, Ghana.  The students range from age 4 to 15 and come from households struggling with poverty.  The school also provides meals and clean drinking water to each of the students.  Teaching volunteers assist the full-time staff who are all local Ghanaians.  There is also a vocational training program to help increase the older student’s potential for future occupational opportunities.

The school day runs on a regular schedule, but the work volunteers do is flexible day-to-day.  You decide what you want to do in terms of 1-on-1 teaching or teaching/assisting/observing a class.  To teach a class, you simply speak with the teacher whose class & subject you want to teach and determine what day they can fit you into their schedule.  1-on-1 sessions can be done daily with the younger or special needs students.

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One look at the smiles on the students’ faces and you’ll immediately feel the impact of volunteers working on this project.  Volunteers have the ability to directly influence students’ progress through additional attention and support.  By teaching a single student or an entire class subjects that they have not yet been exposed to, creates a lasting impression and motivation to continue learning.

To date, the underprivileged children’s center has impacted the lives of dozens of students.  Approximately 60 primary school students are currently enrolled, while many more have continued in their schooling as shown below:

  • 29 currently in junior high school
  • 23 currently in senior high school
  • 1 currently enrolled in university & scheduled to graduate this year
  • 2 completed university

Additional Support

The administration of the children’s center is in the process of building a brand new school to improve the educational environment for the children.  This process was stalled for over a year, but thanks to generous donations from friends & family, we were able to make some small progress on the new facility.  We hope that this will jump-start the fundraising and building process throughout 2018!

You can make an even greater impact at your teaching project by donating school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.) or fundraising to help finance the building of the new school.  Visit the Contact Us page to inquire for more details.

Room & Board

Your project fee for projects in Ghana covers your room and full board in the NGO’s volunteer house.  Here, you’ll be living in a large, beautiful house located a short taxi ride from your placement.

  • Shared, single-sex dorm rooms with en-suite bathrooms and ceiling fans
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast: self-service | lunch & dinner: local chef prepared in-house)
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Hot water & limited WiFi is available
  • NGO staff lives in the house with volunteers for 24/7 support
  • The staff recently adopted a puppy who now lives in the house


As with all GOAT Volunteer projects, there are 2 primary fees associated with volunteering: the application fee paid to GOAT and the project fee paid directly to the NGO after they accept your application.

Ghana Projects

DurationProject Cost
1 week£300
2 weeks£500
4 weeks£1,000
Additional weeks (each)£250
Prices for projects in Ghana are in British Pound Sterling; please check the current exchange rate for costs in your local currency (www.xe.com).

There are additional fees for the medical internship (£100) and veterinary care (£200) projects.

Included: Airport arrival transport • Orientation on arrival • Shared accommodation in volunteer house • 3 meals per day and purified drinking water • 24/7 on-site staff support

NOT Included: Flights • Visas • Vaccinations • Travel insurance, • Local transport • Return airport transfer • Personal expenses • Bank/wire transfer fees

Additional weeks cost a flat rate of £250 each.


All projects incur a $250 application fee.  Please see the The Fine Print page for more information.

Special Considerations | Volunteer Teaching in Ghana


For special considerations regarding all projects in Ghana, please visit the Ghana page.

Criminal Record Check

GOAT Volunteers requires a criminal record (background) check for all projects working with children.  Inquire with your local police department to see if they offer this service (many do for free or a small fee).  U.S. citizens can visit the U.S. Department of State website for additional information.

The criminal record check must be submitted to GOAT Volunteers after the prospective volunteer’s application is accepted and at least 30 days prior to the project start date.


A Volunteer’s Perspective *Featured Project*

I had the great honor of volunteer teaching in Ghana in November 2017.  During those four weeks, I had the pleasure of working with an incredible group of children who constantly challenged me.  They taught me that there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing them smile after you teach them something new.

The school is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Resources are lacking, but the dedication of the staff and other volunteers is commendable.  The children immediately accept new volunteers and are incredibly caring and affectionate.  When break time comes, though, chaos reigns supreme.  It’s not uncommon to have half a dozen little ones hanging all over you, looking at photos on your phone, climbing on all of your limbs, and insisting that you play with them.  It’s total bedlam and an enormous amount of fun!  You will be exhausted at the end of each day (classes end at 2 PM), but it’s worth it.  This project will also give you a much deeper appreciation for teachers and having had access to proper educational materials.

As I want all potential volunteers to have an unfiltered, honest impression of volunteering on projects with our NGO partner, I’m sharing some highlights, challenges, surprises, and frustrations I experienced during my time in Ghana:

Highlight: The road trip with the team and a group of volunteers from another organization to Cape Coast was a huge highlight.  Touring the Slave Castle was a very somber experience but incredibly interesting.  Relaxing at the beach all day before heading home was great as well.  The local cook/chef who prepares the volunteer meals is AWESOME!  We ate very well despite her working with a very small food budget.

Challenge: Finding ways to keep the kids focused on their work while doing 1-on-1 sessions.  I like to get them out of their seat and moving around the school (it’s mostly outdoors) to keep them engaged through more activity-based learning.

Surprise: I was concerned that it would take a while for the kids to warm up to me as a new volunteer.  But to my surprise, from the day I arrived, they were totally welcoming.

Frustration: Finding out when I got here that I had to pay for essentially all taxi travel regardless of who was riding with me was frustrating, but the rides are ridiculously cheap so it wasn’t a big deal.  Program costs are kept to a minimum, so small expenses like this are to be expected in a developing country.

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