Volunteering in Ghana

Odds are, not many people could point out Ghana on a map of the world.  But this jewel of West Africa is a modern success story despite its lack of recognition.  With a stable democracy, friendly locals, and incredible natural wonders; Ghana is a progress-focused nation working towards becoming a developed country.  But despite this progress and drive, it remains a nation in need.  Much of Ghana is without access to education, health care, and basic infrastructure such as paved roads, sanitation, and utilities.  This combination makes volunteering in Ghana one of the most popular choices for individuals wanting to experience Africa while making a difference.

Ghana flag

Fast Facts on Ghana

Capital City: Accra

  • Accra is located on the southern coast of Ghana

Currency: Ghana cedi

  • Find your currency’s exchange rate here

Languages: Various national, regional, & local languages

  • English is widely spoken and is considered the official language

Population (2014 census): 27 million

  • About twice the population of Tokyo

Size:  92,497 square miles or 239,567 square kilometers

  • About the size of the state of Oregon, USA

2018 Global Peace Index Ranking: 41 out of 163 nations (High)

  • For comparison: USA (121 – Medium), Canada (6 – Very High), United Kingdom (57 – High)


The NGO we work with in Ghana is truly passionate about making a difference.  Projects are located in the small suburb of Accra known as Labadi.  Founded by a British expat and a local Ghanian, they are focused on driving change through a wide-range of projects available to volunteers.  Their goal is to create a better future for local children, adults, and animals through education, development, and care.

All of the projects in Ghana are based out of the volunteer house in the suburbs of Accra.  It’s a beautiful, clean home with shared rooms (single-sex) and en-suite bathrooms.  The NGO team lives on-site with the volunteers providing 24/7 support.  There is also a cook who prepares lunch and dinner (breakfast is self-service).





It’s said that the most important thing you can give to a child is your time.  That’s especially true for underprivileged children.  Teaching in Ghana is one of the best ways to experience local culture and make a significant impact in a short time.  Even if you’ve never taught before, this project provides the perfect opportunity to help improve a child’s life and education.



Sports Coaching

Do your football (soccer) skills extend beyond your gaming console?  Have you mastered the version of tennis that isn’t played on a table?  Have you been calling “nothing but net” since you were six?  Well then volunteering in Ghana on our Sports Coaching project is perfect for you!  Come help local kids learn and excel in football (soccer), basketball, tennis, netball, field hockey, and boxing.

Sports Coaching


Child Care

Do you think little kids are the cutest thing ever?  Obviously!  If spending time and caring for the littlest of humans makes you absurdly happy, then this project was made for you!  You’ll spend your time volunteering in Ghana helping underprivileged kids with their communication skills and overall development.  It’s guaranteed to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Child Care


Primate Care

As the mammal most closely related to human beings, primates are essential in continuing to advance our understanding of evolution and the natural world.  Human encroachment into the monkey’s natural habitat has lead to a significant reduction in their numbers.  Now, more than ever, primate conservation is needed to ensure the survival of the most affected species.  With our primate conservation project, located at the Accra Zoo, you’ll get to experience first-hand interaction with some of the most interesting creatures ever to walk the planet…and swing from tree branches!

Primate Care


Horse Care

The Horse Care project is a special program that involves assisting in the care for over 60 horses used by the Ghanaian Armed Forces.  The stables for the project are located on the local military base outside of Accra.  Volunteers on this project also have the opportunity to learn how to ride the horses.  Individuals with horsemanship experience are highly encouraged to apply!

Horse Care


Veterinary Care

Are you a veterinary student, aspiring veterinary student, or practicing veterinarian?  If so, we need you volunteering in Ghana on the Veterinary Care project!  As a developing country with a significant population of domestic animals roaming the busy streets of Accra, veterinary services are always in need.  You’ll work alongside Ghanaian vets and veterinary technicians to care for the most needy of animals.

Veterinary Care


Medical Internship

If you are a current or aspiring medical student, a medical internship  in Ghana is an exceptional opportunity to gain practical experience in a hospital setting.  In addition, you’ll get a first-hand look at what medical care looks like in a developing country.  As a medical intern, you’ll shadow doctors in various departments within the hospital depending on your interests and experience.  Practicing physicians and clinicians are also highly encouraged to apply!

Medical Internship


Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy

If you’re a current student of physiotherapy or physical therapy; or an experienced professional in either field, we need you for this project!  Working with medical clinics and local sports teams, you’ll help to rehabilitate individuals suffering from injuries, accidents, and disabilities.  Football (soccer) fans will have the opportunity to work with some of the best local talent in Ghana; giving these athletes the potential to pursue professional careers.

Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy



The birth of a child is one of the most miraculous events in a person’s life.  Volunteering in Ghana on the midwifery project, you’ll work with experienced midwives and expecting mothers to bring newborns into the world.  Volunteers will also assist with antenatal care for up to four weeks after birth, giving them an incredible opportunity to make a significant impact for a new family.



Project Fees

1 week£250
2 weeks£400
Additional weeks (each)£200
Prices for projects in Ghana are in British Pound Sterling; please check the current exchange rate for costs in your local currency (www.xe.com).

There are additional fees for the medical internship (£100) and veterinary care (£200) projects. Please see the project pages for more information.

Included: Airport arrival transport • Orientation on arrival • Shared accommodation in the volunteer house • 3 meals per day and purified drinking water • 24/7 on-site staff support

NOT Included: Flights • Visas • Vaccinations • Travel insurance • Local transport • Return airport transfer • Personal expenses • Bank/wire transfer fees


All projects incur a $250 application fee.  Please see the The Fine Print page for more information.



The climate of Ghana is considered Tropical and is characterized by two main season: dry and wet.  Located on the southern border, Accra experiences the following climate norms:

Dry Season: December to March

Wet Season: April to November

Temperatures throughout the year are remarkably consistent month-to-month with an average of 82° F (28° C).

Hottest Month: March | average highs of 89° F (31° C)

Coolest Month: August | average lows hovering around 73° F (23° C)


Special Considerations | Volunteering in Ghana

Developing Country

Please keep in mind that Ghana is a developing country.  That means that infrastructure, amenities, and sustenance will likely differ from what you’re accustomed to.

The tap water is not drinkable, but purified water is provided in plastic sachets.  If you wish to reduce your plastic waste, bringing a water filter (camping-style, not a Brita pitcher) is highly encouraged!

Local Transportation

The volunteer house is not located within walking distance of any of the projects and transportation is not available through the NGO.  Therefore, local minibus or taxi service must be utilized.  Volunteers should budget approximately $2-5 per day (10-20 Ghana cedis) for this transport or a bit more for the primate conservation project as it’s located farther from the house.

LGBT Travelers

Despite being a progressive African nation, Ghana still considers homosexuality illegal.  However, this should not dissuade potential volunteers as GOAT Volunteers and the local NGO do not support this discrimination.  GOAT Volunteers recommends any LGBT volunteers who visit Ghana refrain from public displays of affection to avoid any unwanted attention.


Our NGO partner in Ghana does an exceptional job at planning additional activities for volunteers.  Salsa nights, card games at the house, pizza nights, road trips, local football matches, and much more!

All activities are optional as some/all may incur added costs to the volunteer.  You can join in on the fun, do your own exploring, or just relax at the volunteer house.

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