Education Volunteering Projects

Teaching is the most popular type of project for international volunteering.  Schools in developing countries often lack resources and have unfavorable student-to-teacher ratios.  This leads to many students not getting the attention they need due to local teachers being in charge of very large classes and not having the bandwidth to attend to each student individually.

Volunteers help bridge these gaps by providing support financially and through the donation of their time.  Project fees, for most programs, cover the expenses incurred by a volunteer in-country, but also provide some additional financial aid to the institution in which the volunteer is placed.  When a volunteer joins a classroom, they provide assistance to a teacher by helping deliver lessons or working with students individually.  Additionally, volunteers can occasionally teach a full class on a subject they are comfortable with.  This not only helps keep the school day fun for the students, but exposes them to subjects that they may not necessarily receive schooling in without volunteers.

If you’re interested in volunteer teaching abroad, this page is home to all of the education projects offered by GOAT Volunteers.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions!



The projects listed here are standard teaching programs in government or private schools.


Child Care

Child Care projects focus on development and care of younger children and may take place in a school with private organization.


Monastery Teaching

Monastery teaching is a unique opportunity to experience the life of Buddhist monks while providing English lessons they wouldn’t receive without volunteer support.


Children’s Homes

Children’s Homes provide orphaned children with a safe home where volunteers can help with their education, care, and development.



Not all teaching takes place in the classroom.  If you’re skilled in a sport, sharing your knowledge and work ethic with young athletes can help in their overall development.  In some cases, especially with soccer (football), this development can potentially lead to the opportunity to play for an academy which is a big step towards playing professionally.


Unique Projects

Some of our partners offer unique educational programs.  If you’re looking for something a bit different than the standard classroom experience, these projects might interest you.