Child Care Volunteering in Ecuador

Do you think little kids are the cutest thing ever? Obviously! If spending time and caring for the littlest of humans makes you absurdly happy, then this project was made for you! On the Child Care Volunteering in Ecuador project, you’ll be helping underprivileged kids with their communication skills and overall development. It’s guaranteed to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

The Child Care Volunteering in Ecuador projects works with underprivileged children that live without many of the basic necessities we often take for granted.  They are often lacking proper nutrition, a comfortable home, a loving family, or a reliable education.  These children have done nothing to deserve the challenges they face and without a good support system, they will likely never have the tools to succeed.  This community project is ideal and a great opportunity for motivated volunteers who love caring for children.

 The ratio of staff to children at orphanages, street kid or daycare center is not ideal, so the additional support by volunteers goes a long way. Volunteers help ensure that the children get the individual attention they require.

As a child care volunteer in Ecuador you will be working alongside friendly local staff to provide much needed support and care at a local street kid center, orphanage, or daycare center.  You’ll be organizing recreational activities, playing with the children, helping with homework, teaching English, assistance in the kitchen preparing the food, cleaning the center, organizing cultural events and whatever else the center for children may need. ​

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Additional Support

As the shelters our NGO partner supports often lack resources, volunteers are encouraged (but not required) to bring donations of school supplies or to raise funds to help purchase supplies, clothing, and other necessities locally when in Ecuador.  A little bit goes a long way in these facilities, so any contributions are greatly appreciated and welcomed!  If you have questions, feel free to Contact Us.


Room & Board

Your project fee for projects in Ecuador covers your room and full board in a host family house.  Lunches are not included during weekends as volunteers typically use this free time to explore Ecuador and experience local restaurants.

  • Shared, single-sex room (occasionally a private room is available)
  • 3 meals per day during the week & 2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner on weekends
  • WiFi is usually not available at host houses, so purchasing a local SIM card for an unlocked phone is recommended
  • Tap water in Ecuador is not drinkable, so all water is boiled prior to drinking – alternatively, bottled water or the use of a camping water filter may be used
  • In the Andes region, hot water is available in host houses due to cold weather – in the coastal and Amazonian regions, due to the heat, hot water is generally not available but fans often are
  • Mosquito nets are provided



As with all GOAT Volunteer projects, there are 2 primary fees associated with volunteering: the application fee paid to GOAT and the project fee paid directly to the NGO after they accept your application.

2 weeks$480
4 weeks$780
Additional weeks (each)$150
Prices for projects in Ecuador are in US dollars; please check the current exchange rate for costs in your local currency (

Included: Private/shared room in host family home • Meals (3 on weekdays, 2 on weekends & holidays) • 24/7 local support • Airport pick-up

NOT Included: Flights • Airport return • Vaccinations • Visas • Travel insurance • Extra activities • Personal expenses • Bank/wire transfer fees

For project duration not listed, please Contact Us.


All projects incur a $250 application fee.  Please see the The Fine Print page for more information.


Trip Add-ons

Volunteers participating in all projects in Ecuador have the opportunity to take add-on Spanish language lessons.  Click the button below for more information.

Spanish Lessons


Special Considerations | Child Care Volunteering in Ecuador


For special considerations regarding all projects in Ecuador, please visit the Ecuador page.

Criminal Record Check

GOAT Volunteers requires a criminal record (background) check for all projects working with children.  Inquire with your local police department to see if they offer this service (many do for free or a small fee).  U.S. citizens can visit the U.S. Department of State website for additional information.

The criminal record check must be submitted to GOAT Volunteers after the prospective volunteer’s application is accepted and at least 30 days prior to the project start date.

Placement Location

Our partner NGO in Ecuador supports a huge number of projects.  In most instances, placements will occur at the location most in need of volunteers at the time.  Occasionally, volunteers will be given the opportunity to select which location they prefer.

Language Skills

This project requires volunteers to speak English fluently and have at least a basic level of Spanish. For individuals interested in improving their Spanish language skills, classes are available outside of volunteering hours. Please see the Spanish Lessons page for details and pricing.