Conservation Volunteering Projects

Climate change is one of the biggest threat to our way of life, so there’s no better time than right now to start focusing on the environment.  Our conservation volunteering projects exist to create a better world by helping to improve the environment, our oceans, and the lives of wild animals that make up various ecosystems.


Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation projects often rely on volunteers as they usually lack the funding to support a staff large enough to handle all of the tasks they have in front of them.  Volunteers support the “more hands make less work” mentality and provide the needed manpower to help care for the land and waterways our projects support.


Marine & Coastal Conservation

If you love the ocean and the creatures that call it home, these projects will definitely satisfy your saltwater needs.


Wildlife Conservation

Human-wildlife conflict in Africa is a challenge that threatens numerous species as they often damage villagers’ land or livestock.  By educating locals about ways to deter wild animals rather than killing them, wildlife conservation volunteers are able to help the animals and local communities.

2 elephants in Tanzania