Community Development Volunteering Projects

Community Development Volunteering provides volunteers with a broad array of opportunities to help improve the quality of life in developing countries.  These projects may be in major cities or in very rural areas and focus on various aspects of development.  Most projects don’t require any specific skills, just a commitment to helping communities and the ability to perform the duties of the project.


Community Development

Our standard community development projects focus on a holistic approach to building a community.  As such, these projects are more generalized and will affect a wide range of locals.


Women’s Empowerment

Our women’s empowerment programs are female-only projects that give female volunteers the chance to support other women.  These ladies have not been provided the same opportunities as their male counterparts as a result of local culture.  Through empowerment and education, you’ll be helping them reduce this disparity and improve their lives.



If you’re skilled in a trade or simply don’t mind working hard and getting dirty, our community development construction projects need your help.  You’ll help build a community by literally “building” the community!



If you have a “green thumb” or just love working outside, your “helping hands” can be put to great use on an agriculture project.  You’ll assist with creating a more sustainable future for these communities.


Youth Development

Young children in developing countries often lack development opportunities outside of school.  By volunteering with a youth development program, you’ll help to shape the next generation in a positive way.


Elder Care

Senior citizens often spend their days alone in a care home with limited social immersion.  Volunteering with elder care gives you a chance to connect with seniors and help brighten their days.