Volunteering in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with a brutal past but is quickly becoming a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia.  As home to the largest temple ever constructed (Angkor Wat), friendly people, and some stunning beaches, Cambodia is an excellent alternative to the more popular tourist destinations of Thailand and Vietnam.  Despite the progress made as a result of increased tourism, Cambodia remains a highly impoverished nation where many citizens subside on less than a dollar per day.  While tourism helps in the short-term, education is needed to establish long-term development.  Volunteering in Cambodia helps provide an opportunity for the most underprivileged children to receive an education and change their futures.

Cambodia flag

Fast Facts on Cambodia

Capital City: Phnom Penh

  • Phnom Penh is located on the banks of the Mekong River in southern Cambodia

Currency: Cambodian Riel

  • Find your currency’s exchange rate here

Languages: Khmer is the official language

  • English is growing in popularity and street signs often include English translations

Population (2016 estimate): 16 million

  • About the same as Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic combined

Size:  69,898 square miles or 181,035 square kilometers

  • Larger than Ireland, Denmark, and The Netherlands combined

2018 Global Peace Index Ranking: 96 out of 163 nations (Medium)

  • For comparison: USA (121 – Medium), Canada (6 – Very High), United Kingdom (57 – High)


Our NGO partner in Cambodia was founded in 2010 by a local man in order to improve the lives of underprivileged Cambodian children.  Since then, the school has provided an enormous service to the community by educating the local youth outside Phnom Penh.  The project was set up to combat the cycle of poverty by empowering the children and the community.  This is achieved by providing access to education and subsequently, sustainable employment opportunities.  The school strives to create a brighter and better future for the disadvantaged people in the community.




It’s said that the most important thing you can give to a child is your time.  That’s especially true for underprivileged children.  Volunteering in Cambodia as a teacher is one of the best ways to experience local culture and make a significant impact in a short time.  Even if you’ve never taught before, this project provides the perfect opportunity to help improve a child’s life and education.



Project Fees

1 week£360
2 weeks£380
Additional Weeks (each)£20
Prices for projects in Cambodia are in British pounds; please check the current exchange rate for costs in your local currency (www.xe.com).

Included: Airport arrival & return transport • Pre-departure information & support • Shared room in a same-sex dorm • 2 meals per day (buffet breakfast & dinner) and filtered water • 24/7 volunteer on-site support • Project donation

NOT Included: Flights • Vaccinations • Visas • Travel insurance • Local transport • Personal expenses • Bank/wire transfer fees

Additional weeks billed at a flat rate of £20 each


All projects incur a $250 application fee.  Please see the The Fine Print page for more information.



The climate of Cambodia is considered Tropical and is characterized by two main season: dry and wet.  Located in the southwest, Phnom Penh experiences the following climate norms:

Dry Season: November to March

Wet Season: May to October

Temperatures throughout the year are consistently hot month-to-month with an average of 91° F (33° C).

Hottest Month: April | average highs of 95° F (35° C)

Coolest Month: December | average lows hovering around 73° F (23° C)


Special Considerations | Volunteering in Cambodia

Developing Country

Please keep in mind that Cambodia is a developing country.  That means that infrastructure, amenities, and sustenance will likely differ from what you’re accustomed to.

The tap water is not drinkable, but purified water is provided.


Cambodia is packed full of incredible opportunities for adventure.  The famous Angkor Wat, countless ruins and other cultural sites, and stunning natural beauty provides for a wide range of outdoor activities.

All activities are optional as some/all may incur added costs to the volunteer.  You can join in on the fun, do your own exploring, or just relax at the volunteer house.

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