Animal Welfare Volunteering Projects

If you care deeply about animals, then animal welfare volunteering provides a fantastic opportunity to support rescued or injured animals.  Our animal programs vary in requirements, most just need individuals with a strong work ethic and dedication to providing appropriate care while others do require specific experience to be accepted.  In all programs, it’s encouraged that volunteers are limited in their direct interaction/handling of the animals to ensure their well-being and reduce stress.


Animal Rescue

Animal rescue centers/shelters either focus on stray dogs/cats or more exotic animals that were rescued or pets that were given up by their owners.


Sea Turtles

All species of sea turtles are endangered, so our rescue centers & hatcheries play an important part of their survival.



If you’re a vet or veterinary student that wants to share your skills with the animals of developing countries, these are the projects for you!


Unique Projects

For individuals with horse care/riding experience or an interest in working with primates, our unique program offerings in Ghana always need volunteers.