Adventure Activities at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  It’s sheer magnificence is hard to comprehend until you see it in person.  In addition to its natural beauty, it has become one of the premier attractions in the world for extreme adventure activities.  Whitewater rafting, gorge swing, and the legendary Devil’s Pool are just a few of the trip add-ons that volunteers have the opportunity to pre-book in coordination with GOAT Volunteers project in Zimbabwe.

Justin in the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls

All Adventure Activities at Victoria Falls are provided by a local tour operator selected by our local NGO.  Some of the activities available take place in neighboring Zambia (e.g. The Devil’s Pool); please keep this in mind and always have your passport available.  Check with your local embassy/consulate for visa requirements.

The Devil's Pool Breezer (Breakfast) - ZambiaInquire for pricing
The Devil's Pool (Lunch) - Zambia$195
The Devil's Pool (High Tea) - Zambia$175
Whitewater Rafting$140
Gorge Swing$115
Tandem Gorge Swing$165
Tandem Zipline$145
Flying Fox Cable Slide$55
Victoria Falls Canopy Tour$125
Falls Helicopter Tour (Short)Inquire for pricing
Falls Helicopter Tour (Long)Inquire for pricing

These activities all carry some aspect of risk and volunteers are responsible for adhering to all safety precautions and common sense when participating in them.  Some activities are seasonal and weather dependent and may not be available during your time of visit.  Cancellations or rescheduling may occur due to weather.

The Devil’s Pool is usually open between mid-August and mid-January during the dry season.

Disclaimer:  GOAT Volunteers receives a small commission on the sale of the above programs.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Please inquire for current pricing.