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GOAT Volunteers is a small, international volunteer placement agency focused on providing ethical projects for travelers at the best possible price.  We offer over 75 projects supported by organizations in 15 countries in fields such as education, conservation, community development, health care, animal welfare, and more!  Join a GOAT Volunteers project and help make the world a little bit of a better place!



Due to the global spread of COVID-19, all GOAT Volunteers placements are temporarily on hold.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation and will update this space when more progress is made in limiting the spread of the virus and travel restrictions ease.


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Projects by Category

If you’re looking for a specific type of project, these category pages list all projects by type regardless of country.


Projects by Country

If you know what part of the world you want to visit, but haven’t decided on a specific project, use the links below to find the right program for you!


The Americas & Europe

Easily accessible and spectacularly beautiful, these countries offer volunteers the opportunity to brush up on their Spanish while making a positive impact.



There’s so much more to this magnificent continent than chasing the Big 5 on safari (though that’s one of the best parts)…volunteer in Africa and you’ll likely return home a different person.



The Far East is a (very) long plane ride for most volunteers. But, with the highest mountains and some of the best food in the world, not to mention exceptionally friendly people, a trip to Asia is worth it.


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